Affiliate marketing Keyword Tracking – By Weakness to Strength

As a relative beginner to Internet Marketing, I’ve to acknowledge that by time I learned what affiliate advertising and marketing was about, learned how to create a landing page, discovered a bit of (very little) html, and basically got my campaigns barely off the ground…affiliate keyword tracking was about the very last thing I wanted to expend energy on.

Affiliate Keyword Tracking – Did I Really Want It?

Okay, so I was a tad too naive in the novice. I began a ppc campaign, and unlike some of the horror stories you hear, I really made a few of pretty good sales very quickly. Obviously, I was instantly deluded: “Who needs tracking… this ppc issue is just not that hard”. Very well, I did not lose thousands, like some have, but my’ luck’ did start to wane… I soon realized I had to start progressing from’ luck’ to’ skill’.

“Okay, Okay, I will Add Yet another Marketing Skill – Tracking”

I read through the right forum posts on affiliate marketer key phrase monitoring – and I started to get serious. I came across quite a descent free tool called prosper, but for me personally it entailed a bit too much work for my liking. I was searching for something top notch, but also very easy. I do not mind investing in the company of mine, as long as the tool I’m investing in saves me time plus it does the job. To me, time truly is money.

Fortunately I discovered a tool That Made Affiliate Keyword Tracking Easy

Gotta love discussion board posts. I read another post when a guy I respect was raving about this new tracking application he’d just started using. Many others joined in saying they had starting seeing success with this particular device also, so I was skeptical, but intrigued.

it’s some very impressive software – and It has super easy to use. The guy that developed the software actually offered to set it all up for me for ten dolars bucks (perfect for me!), so I was tracking in like five minutes.

If you’ve a bit of cash to invest, then you might want to find out it out at []

What sets this particular tool apart is its ability to track what keywords are working for you just before even one sale. keyword ranking api lets you do this by measuring the quantity of time your site visitor stays on each separate part of your web-site.

Visitors who stay just a few seconds aren’t finding your landing page related. Others that stay a while but don’t purchase, continue to show that your content is relevant. The keyword that brought them to your site is probably a good one. It could just utilize the right visitor on that great keyword to actually convert. Yep – it is pretty amazing technology, and yes it will get you more information quicker compared to any other application on the market. I like it.

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